A mercenary is an individual, not affiliated with any national party, who is willing to participate in armed conflict for personal, usually monetary, gain. They may act independently or as part of a larger mercenary group. Although, while independent mercenaries do exist, it is more common to find mercenaries organised into companies.

The quality of a mercenary is fairly variable. Typically, mercenaries lack the discipline of professional soldiers and may often lack the skill as well. This is generally why legitimate powers do not utilise mercenaries in warfare as anything other than expendable shock troops. Instead, mercenaries tend to find employment from criminal syndicates, revolutionary groups, and small frontier governments. While a mercenary company may be no match for an organised military force, they are usually more than a match for any frontier militia or police force.

Some mercenary groups break the stereotype and conduct themselves as professional outfits. These groups are generally the highest caliber of mercenary available, and often the most expensive, but it is not uncommon for such groups to turn down contracts that less reputable mercenary bands would gladly accept. When hiring a mercenary group it then becomes necessary to weigh professionalism against the underhandedness of the job.

Known Mercenary Outfits

33rd Privikani Lancers
Black Hound Mercenary Company
Elysian Glaives