Mercury is the nearest planet to Sol in the Solar System. As such, most of the infrastructure on the world is focused on high-energy industry and research, which often use the heavy elements the world is rich in.
The world also provides most of the raw materials, industrial capacity and ground support for the power collection stations, antimatter factories and hab complexes orbiting Sol itself.
Due to the weak magnetic field and extreme temperature variation, most of the population lives in Khazads, often extending kilometers into the bedrock.

Data Panel


System name: Sol
Region: Terran Sphere, Core
Allegiance: Solar Union

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: I
Distance from primary: 0.5 AU
Orbital Period: 88 days
Rotation Period: 59 days
Classification: Ferrinean Arean
Radius: 2,440 km
Mass: 3.3022×10^23 kg
Gravity: 0.4 g
Surface Area: 7.48×10^7 km²
Atmosphere: Trace
Average Climate:
Primary Terrain: Rocky
Sattelites: None


Population: Terran
Major Cities: Port Hermes, Hepheastus
Major Imports: Volatiles, organic materials
Major Exports: Energy, heavy elements, technology
Primary Government: Solar Union


1974 CE: First visit by artificial probes
2156 CE: First permanent manned outpost
2180 CE: First industrial mass driver to move raw materials into orbit