Miasma Gas

Miasma Gas is among the powerful chemical weapons utilized by the Taurus Corporation only in the most dire circumstances. It is a nerve agent capable inducing muscle fatigue, paralysis, or even death depending on the concentration. The gas itself is composed of a sythethic chemical agent which targets the central nervous system of most organic life forms, inhibiting chemical pathways and inducing a state of extreme paralysis within seconds. Odourless, colourless and hard to detect with chemical scanners due to the small concentrations it is generally used in, the only visible indication of it's presence is a slight 'heat haze' effect in the surrounding air. Most conventions prevent the use of this dangerous substance within the Taurus Sector, and in warfare in general. Never the less, it occasionally finds it's way into the hands of dangerous and unethical individuals, often with disastrous results.


The effects of miasma gas on an organic life form depend largely on the concentration used, and the time the organism is exposed to it. In its most concentrated form, the gas is capable of killing most creatures within only 2 minutes of exposure. However, in more diluted concentrations, that gas can be used as a paralysing agent and will effectively imobilise a target in under a minute.