Nayam Etresi

-Personal Information-

Full Name: Nayam Tasurma Etresi
House: Etresi/Imperial Etresi's
Date of Birth: 2806
Homeworld: Privakani
Father: Tepazin I Etresi
Mother:Kaera Tasurma
Consort(s): Arien Masarin
Issue(s): Arien Etresi, Kuddhi Etresi
Date of Death: 2898 (93)
Religion: Athiest


Nayam Etresi (Also spelled Nyam) was born the younger son of Emperor Tepazin I Etresi and brother to the famous Emperor Tepazin II Etresi the Reformer. Growing up on the move with his family Nayam & Tepazin II formed an incredibly close friendship, being one of the only constants in their early life. Shortly after Tepazin was enrolled at DeVire Universty on Old Vachik, Nayam Etresi was enrolled at the Privakani Military Academy, graduating with honors and eventually rising to the rank of Captain in the IMS under the reign of his father. When his brother was crowned Emperor in 2831 Nayam was quickly promoted to the rank of Admiral, and was boosted into his brothers Inner Circle. Throughout Tepazin's reign Nayam acted as his strong right hand, being one of the few individuals Tepazin would consult for advice. When Tepazin s wife Orissa Krauth began to slip away in the 2860's Tepazin mostly retired from office to spend time with his wife, leaving his brother Nayam as De-Facto head of the Imperium, after Orissa died it was Nayam who convinced Tepazin to return to New Vachik, and the two began work on the Military Reform Act. Shortly after the Imperial War College on New Vachik was founded Tepazin suffered a stroke that left him permanently disabled. Nayam acted to secure the throne for his brothers daughter Nasara Etresi, and just as quickly stepped out of the limelight when she was proclaimed Co-Emperor. It was ultimately Nayam who gave the order to pull life support from his brother in 2887, and shortly therafter completely retired from politics. Settling in as a Professor at the Imperial War College and continuing to lecture and teach up until his death in 2898.