New Damascus

New Damascus is one of the oldest populated planets under Taurus Corporation control, having been founded earlier than Diligentia Prime during the First Diaspora. The planet fell under corporation control during their conquest of entire local region in 2843, a period known in the Taurus Sector as ‘The Founding’. In the centuries following, the humble colony was turned into one of the most affluent trading hubs in civilised space.

Although the origin of the planet’s name is not well understood in the Taurus Sector, it is generally regarded as some kind of throwback to humanity’s homeworld, Earth.

Data Panel


System name: Fabrica
Region: Taurus Sector
Allegiance: Taurus Corporation

Planetary characteristics

Orbital Position: 2nd
Distance from primary:
Orbital Period:
Rotation Period:
Classification: CiXeric
Surface Area:
Atmosphere: Nitrogen/Oxygen
Average Climate: Arid, 45° C
Primary Terrain: City dominated world, uninhabited and unterraformed are mainly deserts.
Satellites: None


Population: Primarily human, but almost 40% of the population is comprised of non-human species.
Major Cities:
Major Imports: Various, often to be traded on again
Major Exports: Various.
Primary Government: Taurus Corporation Planetary Headquarters (Official), Merchant's Guild (Practical).

History of New Damascus

New Damascus was acquired by the Taurus Corporation in 2843 after the removal of the previous political regime during the Founding. However, with assets already stretched thin, little was done with the world beyond providing the world with a military garrison. Instead, the Corporation relied on the actions of private business owners to develop the world with the intension of simply buying them out at a later time. Unfortunately for the Corporation, this opportunity never prevented itself.

Technically, the Taurus Corporation does control the New Damascus and, in fact, has many military assets in place in orbit and on the surface, much of the control of the planet and its ruling lies with powerful private businessmen. These affluent individuals are often referred to as the ‘Trading Lords’ by the local populous, given that they made their fortunes operating private shipping firms in the early days of the Taurus Sector. Divided, each firm would be easy prey to the Taurus Corporation, but with a degree of co-operation they have managed to stave off a complete corporate takeover of the planet for centuries. However, the planet is still forced to pay several ‘taxes’ for military protection and inclusion in the Taurus Corporation’s empire.

Life on New Damascus

New Damascus is believed to account for almost 20% of racial diversity in the Taurus Sector, playing host to a wide variety of alien species as well as the many different variations of human. Beyond this obvious trait, there are other notable differences between life on New Damascus and life in other parts of the Taurus Sector.

One of the most notable differences is an increased degree of political and social freedom. This stems from decreased Taurus Corporation control in the system. The so called ‘Trading Lords’ determine a lot of social policies on the planet, typically localised to the regions they have the most influence in. This has led to a somewhat eclectic mix of ‘laws’ across the planet’s surface, but regardless of this, order is maintained without the need for Corporation influence.