New Millennialism

New Millennialism is a belief prominent in the Terran Sphere, particularly in high regard around frontier worlds beyond the core. It is based around Enlightenment but it does not share many similarities with the cults associated with it. It is a (mostly) recognized religion with a clergy, church and associated literature.

New Millennialism is the belief that in the year 5000CE, the galaxy will be "consumed in a ray of light by Enlightenment, the worthy shall be brought to ascension and ones considered unworthy will be left to exist forever in the galaxy, which will be a shell of what it once was". From there life will start again, until another 5,000 years passes. All who die, and are deemed worthy by the ascended, will ascend to a higher plane of existence in another reality, to exist for eternity at peace.

This means the ethos of New Millennialism is compassion, respect and love. While these are ambiguous guidelines, the Lexicanus Millennial, the sacred book of their faith, has detailed ways of how a good Millennian should spend their comparatively brief existence in the Galaxy. While there is no official god in the faith, they do believe in the "Ascended", who are said to be the sentient species before the current ones that ascended via Enlightenment, all documented in the holy book.

The Church of New Millennialism has funded many expeditions to search for the source of the Enlightenment, where they believe they will find the home of the ascended, and will be able to turn it into a shrine so they may revere until they are brought alongside the ascended.