Nightstalkers, are a form of life indigenous to the planet Maelstrom, homeworld of the Shrike. These organisms are ferocious nocturnal predators which dwell in huge cave-based colonies, often numbering in the hundreds. At nightfall, these creatures will exit their caves to hunt for prey. Understanding of Maelstrom's relatively sparse biosphere is sketchy, but Nightstalkers are believed to be amongst the top predators.

The Shrike occasionally use these creatures as biological weapons, unleashing them upon unsuspecting colonies before moving in for themselves. It is unclear how the Shrike control the Nightstalkers in this way, as all attempts to domesticate the species have proved impossible. Many suspect that a level of psionic ability is required.

Species Origins

Homeworld: Maelstrom
Class: Xenoarachnida
Scientific Name: Reptum noctis
Evolutionary History: Maelstrom's turbulent environment and the Shrike's marked disinterest in the subject of evolution have left the evolutionary history of the entire biosphere unknown. However, most evolutionary biologists agree that the Nightstalkers, like all remaining life on Maelstrom represent a fraction of a percent of what once existed.


Anatomy: Nightstalkers possess a similar eight legged, two body segment design as Terran arachnids (hence their classification), but this is largely where the similarities end. They are about 80cm long (though some may grow to be over a meter in length) and possess a surprisingly well armoured exoskeleton, supposedly capable of deflecting some forms of gunfire. This shell protects an extremely flexible tendinous, muscular central mass. The exoskeleton also protects a surprisingly large brain case for a organism of their size. This armoured head also protects 2 sets of 4 eyes, and a mouth-like feeding apparatus.
Physiology: The armoured exoskeleton of a Nightstalker make them extremely difficult to damage with anything below contemporary firearms, and even then it may take several hits. This adaptation is likely one of the reasons they have managed to survive on Maelstrom. Their flexible limbs and central body allow them surprising speed and maneuverability, as well as allowing them to jump as far as 8 meters (26 feet) in one leap. It should also be noted that Nightstalkers possess infra-red vision, allowing them to hunt in the dark without difficulty. It is believed this is why they spend the daytime in caves.
Genetics: Carbon based DNA
Reproduction: Oviparous. External fertilisation.
Gestation Period: 3 weeks
Life Cycle: Nightstalkers undergo a larval stage for the first 2 months of life.
Diet: Carnivore
Sleep Cycle: Unknown


Psionic Potential: Unknown
Rate of Occurrence: Unknown
Relative Power: Unknown