Nothing Lasts Forever

This was insane. Unnatural, impossible, surreal…

Everything they understood about the universe and how its many gears ticked screamed that this could not possibly have happened, supported by a chorus of destruction being sung by everything that got even close to the the Anomaly, as they were calling it now.

Where there had once been buzzing hive of activity and life, however abominable, there was now only nothing. Maybe this is what the end of the universe looked like? No bang, no whimper, just an abrupt change from something to nothing. It was hard to decide whether the possibility of just suddenly ceasing to exist as opposed to experiencing death one day was terrifying or comforting.

Either way, something had to be done. Nobody knew how it had happened, but a whole system had simply disappeared. It wasn't just that they'd somehow jammed jump drives around the star or blocked out all of the light in an instant, either of which would have been an awe- and terror-inspiring achievement, they'd gone further than that. Somehow, the Moorians had made their system vanish outright. The gravity well itself was gone. Three hundred earth masses gone without a trace. Not to mention something on the order of a billion sentient minds, human or not.

The scientists tore their hair out when they heard what happened, trying to explain how.
None succeeded.
The religious gathered together in silence or outrage, this was a sign of something big, good or bad. Most assumed bad.
The military people worried themselves sick, there could well be an apocalyptic weapon out there.
And they knew nothing about it.
The rulers screamed at their advisors, there had to be something to calm the population.
Nobody knew what.

But in time, the panic around the Void faded, and it became just another part of history, just another unexplained event or failed singularity, spectacular as it was, there were more like it.
And in time even that history faded, and so the memories of the star, it's very last remnants, became nothing along with their source.

Nothing lasts forever, nothingness is eternal.