Nyam Voset

Nyam Voset was the last of the Council Emperors, and his failure to deal with the Enlightenment Crisis spawned by his predecessor lead directly to the New Enlightenment Crusades.

When Riasyor outlawed Khaddari Enlightmentalism and began his moves to extinguish what he saw as a heretical religion Nyam Voset quickly moved behind the scenes to make himself the favored successor. When Riasyor was assassinated he was narrowly elected emperor and declared that he would bring the rebelling Khaddari systems to heel. The initial military campaigns were a disaster with many soldiers and officers either converting or fleeing the field to deal with internal issues on their home worlds.

In response Nyam Vosset declared he would meet Lemasi Khaddar one on one and deal with the rebellion at its religious core. Meeting Lemasi Khaddar personally Nyam Vosset converted to Khaddari Enlightmentalism and absconded the Imperial Throne to Lemasi Khaddar. His abdication was the crisis point which plunged the Imperium into Civil War. Instead of fighting for Lemasi Khaddar Nyam Vosset seemingly disappeared from historical record, and debates rage today whether he was murdered, changed his identity or simply settled down into a quiet retirement while the Imperium burned.

Ultimately abdication was unheard of, and Vaishi Sivan one of the most prominent anti-Khaddari's was proclaimed Emperor by the secularist faction in opposition to Lemasi. Vaishi Sivan turned out to be a much more able leader and managed to salvage the collapsing secularist rule of the Imperium.