Opal Flare

Opal Flare is a powerful hallucinogenic drug manufactured and distributed by the Opal Suns. It was first synthesised by the Suns in the mid 3980s when the organisation was but one of many tiny narcotics peddlers in the Purgator cluster. The resultant success of the drug was undeniably what launched the Opal Suns to their current level of influence and power. The success of the drug itself is generally attributed not only to the strong, euphoric high and vivid hallucinations that it induces, but also to the drugs ease and cheapness to synthesise on an industrial scale.

Opal Flare is distributed across the entire galaxy and, although the original drug was designed for humans, there are now versions of Opal Flare tailored for almost every known species. The drug is typically distributed in 200mg yellow tablets with the Opal Suns logo stamped on the front, although dosages vary across different species. One of these tablets is enough to induce euphoria and hallicinations for up to 6-8 hours. Overdosing on Opal Flare can generally lead to neurological complications, and in extreme circumstances can result in death. Despite these dangers, the drug remains popular and in widespread use throughout the galaxy.