Opal Suns

Fact List

Name: Opal Suns
Type of group: Criminal Syndicate
Date of founding: 3986
Date of dissolution: Not applicable
Membership count at peak: 220,000


The Opal Suns are a criminal syndicate based in the Purgatory Cluster. Like many criminal organisations of their size, they are involved in a diverse range of illegal activities. However, first and foremost, the Opal Suns are the single largest narcotics distributer in civilised space. While the Opal Suns distribute almost every known drug in the modern galaxy, their largest export is a drug of their design known as Opal Flare, an extremely addictive multispecies narcotic of considerable strength. Opal Flare alone has made the Suns untold billions since it's conception, and catapulted an otherwise minor criminal entity to a position of troubling power in the galaxy.

Understandably, the massive expansion of Opal Suns and the group's assets has led the syndicate to begin equiping its members with some of the finest arms and armour available on the black market in order to better protect its interests. These amature soldiers could be easily mistaken for mercenaries, but they are not. Opal Suns soldiers are not hired from a third party; they are direct members of the Opal Suns. These soldiers can often be found outside the Purgatory Cluster acting as 'private security' for one of the many legal front companies the Opal Suns use to distribute their product. Otherwise, Opal Suns soldiers guard assets in the Purgatory Cluster or are used to combat the forces of other criminal organisations in the region.

In addition to armed personnel the Suns also possess a few small flotillas of both cargo freighters and armed warships. These vessels are obviously used to transport narcotics from the main production centres in the Purgatory Cluster to the rest of the galaxy. Typically, transit authorities are bribed in order to get the cargo from these vessels onto a planet.


Given the size of the Opal Suns, its leadership structure is more advanced than most criminal organisations. Most intelligence gathered on the organisation would suggest that it is broken down into local branches, each with their own crime boss. These crime bosses in turn report to the head of operations for a particular Sphere. While not confirmed, it is likely that the heads of each Sphere form the core leadership of the Opal Suns, with the head of the Purgatory Cluster acting as the kingpin.

Interestingly, the Opal Suns appears to maintain remarkable stability within its leadership structure. Backstabbing and treachery among the lower bosses seems less common than in other organisations, while Sphere bosses seem to enjoy long tenures as long as they maintain a consistant level of quality to their work.