People's Combined Battlegroups

A People's Combined Battlegroups (shortened to just Battlegroups) serve as a logistical and command structure, as well as possessing some of the most powerful starships and the most well trained and equipped soldiers in the Federation of Antillia. Battlegroups will be recruited anywhere and combined with land and naval elements to make a large force capable of autonomous operations. An Antillian Battlegroup contains roughly 6 to 10 million ground troops, and possesses hundreds of warships, as well as the many transports and logistical vessels required to upkeep the Battelgroup.

A full overview of the structure of a Battlegroup is as follows:

Naval Elements:

  • 12-20 Battlestars (One chosen as Battlegroup flagship)
  • 6-8 Dreadnoughts
  • 12-20 Battleships
  • ~120 Assault/Heavy Support Ships (Cruisers of varying types etc)
  • 18-26 Carriers/Supercarriers
  • Numerous Troop Transports (dependant on groundside assets)
  • Numerous Light escorts (Destroyers, Frigates, Gunboats, corvettes etc)
  • Many support/repair/refit vessels.