Perseus Clans

The Perseus Clans are a collection of nomad fleets with a clan-like social structure in the Perseus Highlands. Due to the low star density and long distances between inhabited worlds in said region, interstellar polities and jump gate networks are difficult, perhaps even in impossible to maintain there.

This led to the rise of independant fleets of merchants and mercenaries, roaming the empty void and dim stars of the Highlands. Within a century, the social structure of these fleets had become clan-like to the point where the fleets began referring to themselves not as privateer fleets, but as the Perseus Clans. Membership of a clan is limited to the crew and permanent residents of it's fleet, and it is generally very hard for an outsider, especially a 'planetborn', to join a clan.

Social life within a clan is focused on the good of the clan, a state of mind enforced by the limited resources and technology available to frontier nomad fleets. While the clans are capable of providing for their own energy and food needs, high technology spare parts and certain metamaterials vital to the maintenance of a fleet are traded for with the few surface colonies of the region in exchange for the services of a clan's freighters and warships.

Inter-clan relations are often strained, and fierce competition is considered normal. Armed conflicts are somewhat rare but not unheard of.

Notable clans: