Perseus Highlands

The Perseus Highlands are a rimward region on the outer Hinterlands of the Terran Sphere, it is located in the gap between the Perseus and Orion arms, counterspinward of the Persia Sector giving it a very low star density. The region is characterised by independant single-system states with little interstellar capabilities of their own. Interstellar trade and travel is instead handled by the Perseus Clans. The name 'Highlands' refers both to how barren the region is, as well as the prevelance of clans.

The highlands were first colonised around the start of the 5th millenium, as the normal frontier reached the void between the two galactic arms, and Persia was connected to the rest of the Terran Sphere. The region is generally low tech, due to the scarceness of mass, energy and high technology, along with the need for easy maintenance.

There is little through traffic in the region, as the Via Perseus allows for far easier access to the Perseus Arm. As a whole the region is a backwater of little importance to the rest of the Sphere, interesting only to sociologists, novelty-seekers and isolationists.