Pharmaceuticals and Narcotics

Pharmaceuticals and narcotics, or more simply, 'drugs', remain an important issue in the 5th millennium. The galaxy hosts thousands of pharmaceutical companies of varying prosperity; and in the darker corners of space, powerful drug lords pedal narcotics to a wide range of degenerate clientèle.

Restrictions and classifications on drugs and their movements vary extensively within one sphere alone, making transport of them between spheres extremely difficult without either government-approved business contracts or a well constructed criminal network.

It is also worth noting that most drugs are not universal. Which is to say that there are only a handful capable of working on all known species. The personal use of drugs intend for other species can range from simply having no affect at all to being extremely lethal.

Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Drugs

Antiseptic sprays and bandages: Though simple alcohol based antiseptic products are still available (and are typically more common on frontier colonies and other less advanced regions) advances in biomedical science have allowed for the mass production of more effective antimicrobial wares. These advanced antiseptics include sprays, gels and dressings which are inoculated with a cocktail of gentically modifed bacteriophages, antivirals and fungicides which will rapidly attack and destroy almost any potentially dangerous micro-organism, more advanced versions often contain factors which accelerate tissue regeneration as well. Distributed for both commercial and military use, these products have all but eliminated the danger of sepsis even in the hazardous enviroments of the modern battlefield.


Opal Flare: Opal Flare is powerful hallucinogenic drug produced but the Opal Suns organisation. Although widely illegal across the galaxy, it is perhaps the most popular an widely used narcotic in the modern galaxy.