Pirates, a term which often refers to so called 'space pirates', are anarchic individuals which are not affiliated with any government in the galaxy. Typically organised into 'clans', pirates live a life outside the laws of their sector, and the galaxy at large, often robbing space faring vessels and sacking poorly defended colonies. Piracy is an illegal act in almost every region of the galaxy, and pirates subsequently lead a dangerous life on the edge of civilisation.

Although dangerous, life as pirate does vary extensively between clans. Those who are members of a clan that is enjoying a long streak of successful lootings may live a life of abject (if unsustainable) luxury, while those who belong to clans who have suffered at the hands of galactic powers may find themselves skirting the poverty line. Moreover, the creeds that certain clans choose to lead their lives by can affect the life of a typical pirate amongst their numbers. For example, some pirate clans make a point to keep casualties to a minimum, stealing only to survive. While other clans will loot and kill everything they come across. Naturally, the former tends to a attract a different kind of person than the latter.

Known Pirate Clans