Planetary Relief

The Following of Planetary Belief is a faith common at the coreward frontier of the Terran Sphere, where it is commonly practiced by those involved in the exploration and terraforming of new colony worlds.
It is a somewhat animistic faith in that it believes that every world has it's own patron god of life, most of which are trapped in the hearts of their worlds. It states that the duty of the faithfull is to free as many gods as possible by bringing life to lifeless worlds.

Fact File

Name: The Following of Planetary Relief, or Planetary Relievism
Founded: No concrete date available, the faith emerged during the 35th century.
Peak membership: Due to the frontier-oriented nature of the faith, numbers of faithfull are hard to estimate. They are believed to be on the order of 10 billion, not counting splinter sects such as Rigel Gaianism
Origin: M23, while there are many records about the early days of the faith, most are contradicting
Organisation: The faith as a whole is unorganised, however individual groupings have a wide variety of hierarchies and organistations