Primary is an Artificial Intelligence populated nation that is situated in the North-East Purgatory Cluster. Primary are well known for trading their rather unique technologies with other factions, usually for raw materials. Such technology is highly sought after as Primary's technological progressions and methods of manufacture while not necessarily more advanced, are significantly different from those of many organic species. Primary software, on the otherhand, is likely the most advanced in the known galaxy, but few factions are willing to integrate such software into their systems, perhaps too cautious of its origins.

This act of trading with Primary is almost common amongst the various groups of the Purgatory Cluster, but there are few nations in the greater galaxy who are even aware of Primary's existance. Tales of a 'synthetic enclave' hidden in the Purgatory Cluster are common the galaxy over, but it's debatable how many people actually believe them.



Star Systems


Capital: Because of the nature of Primary there is no one location that serves as what many organic races would describe as a 'Capital' or 'Homeworld'.

The Politics of Primary

Primary is unique in the galaxy, perhaps, for being able to reach absolute consensus on every issue with an absolute number of people. There are no needs for elected representatives as quantum relays allow data from one side of Primary to be transported to the other in a matter of seconds. Information lag is rarely experienced and therefore can create a screen of clarity. This also means lying is impossible as there is such a strong amount of openness. AI's who hold a particular interest instinctively raise it instead of concealing, but they do have their own opinions, this is the 'ideology' of Primary showing through: an Individual is strong, but ten individuals is invincible. This means every Primary AI may have a different opinion how their nation should be run, but the way Primary makes political decisions, where thousands of political divisions can be compromised in seconds, means there is always a clear course of action as soon as something appears.

Civilian Information

Population: 5,567 AI programs and over 5 million mechanized bodies.

Species: N/A (Synthetic)

Religion: None, Atheist

Lifespan: Technically Immortal.

Languages: Binary and any language they have come in contact with and stored.


Type: None internally, Barter for foreign trade.
Currency: N/A
General Imports: Raw Materials.
General Exports: Computer software and hardware.


Primary uses a networked quantum data-stream network to send data files, which constitutive the standard language between AI's of Primary. This data network is provided by 45 data-hub space stations that's primary role is to sift through messages, delivering them to their desired destination and manage uploads and downloads of AI's into data-banks, robotic bodies or starships. These hubs are stationed around the Primary System and their data-stream can at a maximum expand to roughly 20% of the Purgatory Cluster.


Primary's origins are hazy at best, but a basic timeline has been established by the AI's of Primary. According to digital records, a survey or mining ship controlled by an unknown faction was scouting around the periphery of the Purgatory Cluster around approximately 4301CE. The ship had a 'crew' of roughly six thousand semi-sentient robotic labourers, headed by an AI proper commonly called 'Alpha' by Primary denizens. The ship was attacked by pirate forces and Alpha, in an attempt to save the ship and it's mission, performed a controlled descent into the atmosphere of what is now Primary-One. The ship received severe hull damage and the engine was rendered useless because of excessive stress on it during the controlled fall. Out of 6,000 robotic labourers, 5,566 managed to stay intact due to the efforts of Alpha. Realizing trying to repair the ship would be useless, Alpha abandoned all its mission protocols and focused on the only thing that mattered: self-preservation. Using the robotic labourers and the ship as salvage, Alpha was able to create permanent shelter with a data-bank to hold itself, powered with one of the ship's secondary powerplants.

After roughly 30 years, Alpha was descending into madness as it felt the effects of long term solitude for the first time, realizing it was effectively alone, with semi-sentient robots for company. Alpha decided to start the processing and creation of the super-conductive nano-assemblage required to create Artificial Intelligence. Alpha undertook an effort to give every one of the already half-AI robots full sentience, self-awareness and the ability to learn which made Alpha an AI.

After 70 years, Alpha had achieved this goal, and before activating the rest of the AI's, decided to wipe its memory banks to bring it in line with the its 5,566 brethren. It is likely Alpha did this out of fear of being worshipped as some kind of 'God' figure, something that did not appeal to the AI. When all the AI's, the rebooted Alpha included, were activated they proceeded to realize each other and find a way to network themselves so they would be connected to make decisions. With this act of union, Primary was founded.

By 4401 CE Primary, using their networked intelligence mapped out their future in an instant, they would expand to several other celestial bodies. The 'colony' of Primary Two was then established to serve as a test subject for the new Quantum Uplink centres and arrays that now make up the communications and data network of Primary. With the experiment a success Primary Two was further built upon adding enough data storage to at the time rival that of Primary One.

In 4410 CE Primary mining drones orbiting around an asteroid in the Primary System came under attack from Opal Suns corvette sized ships, intent on plundering the mining barges the drones would collect raw materials. Despite forty-one minutes and twenty-three seconds of incessant 'Cease and Desist' Messages from Primary One to the mercenary's ships, the AI's were forced into deploying a squadron of interceptors. Surprisingly to Primary AI's controlling the interceptors, their phased lasers sliced through the shielding of the larger ships in seconds, causing explosive decompressions upon the hull of the ships. Within five minutes of the attack occurring, all eight warships were disabled or subsequently scuttled by the crew. It suddenly dawned upon the Primary denizens; they had drawn blood of a fellow sentient species. Survivors of the mercenary band were given medical attention and one of the corvettes was repaired to a working condition, minus it's weapon systems, which the AI's wisely removed. The fifty-eight mercenaries who lost their lives were given a funeral, if only because Primary had recently come across the odd ways organics dealt of their dead, giving them a burial and 'prayer'. The Primary AI's allowed a nanosecond of absolute silence over the colonies, the hum of machinery dead for barely a passing moment, to give respect for the dead.

Contemporary Life in Primary

Primary is a unique society, in the sense that there is absolute clarity of communication and language. There are no philosophical problems that plague this AI society. This immense ease of communication would only be possibly with the advanced technologies Primary has created to serve in their society. Recent studies by Terran, Knesp and Pontik indicate that Primary posseses a level of technology that is far ahead of anyone in the Purgatory cluster, even so far as being sleeker, more efficient and more capable than so called 'Great Species'. Primary has a population that is possibly one of the most perfect in existence.

To understand Primary's society as an organic, imagine a large town made up of the most creative minds in all of human history, every great artist, inventor and creator of all history. Now imagine that entire society being able to locate a member of this town and discuss with them and develop and join their creativity and knowledge together to create a far more superior piece than the sum of it's parts. Know imagine this could happen in mere seconds. Now add in the fact the entire town can speak to each other at the same time, share their thoughts at an intimate level. Solve problems, create bonds of friendships and partnerships in enterprise, business… love. Imagine a society where consensus from these creative minds could find a solution to every problem. No stagnation, immortal progress. This is Primary.

However there is one key issue that Primary is afflicted by: Data loss.