Prolonged Intersellar Travel Induced Immunodeficiency

Prolonged Intersellar Travel Induced Immunodeficiency (PITIID), coloquially refered to as Space or Hyperspace Fever, is a medical condition common amongst low budget interstellar expeditions, particularly those of freighter crews. The condition is simply a degredation of the immune system due to the sterile environment of most space-faring vehicles, although it may also occur post-cryosleep. Although technically PITIID can result in a number of infections, it typically manifests as a flu like illness with a predominant fever, although exact symptoms vary among different species. In this regard, the term 'hyperspace fever' really refers to the infections brought on by PITIID and not the actual immunodeficiency, but the terms are often used synonomously.

Hyperspace fever will manifest only if a ship docks or admits new crew members aboard after a long trip. This then introduces micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses into the sterile environment of the ship. While these organisms won't last for long in the immediate environment, they can quickly infect and propagate within crew members afflicted with PITIID.

More professional or government vessels keep a large supply of drugs onboard which can boost the immune system, as well as practicing typical quarentine and sterilisation control procedures during docking or admittance of new crew members after long journeys.