Originally known as Carnegie 7b, the planet was settled sometime in the 2700s, during the third wave of colonization. The system holds a stable yellow star, which had the planet classified as “high potential”, but terraforming proved to be a considerable challenge due to difficulties in getting water to the surface. After over 150 years of toil and effort, and several incidents where a considerable number of ground-side workers lost their lives, the entire effort was scrapped and the planet was reclassified as a low priority outpost.


Most of the workers were left behind to upkeep the outposts and installations that remained. Sub-humans, minor AIs, semi-stable tweeks, beings that were considered people but just barely. A community made up almost entirely of second-class citizens. Still, through determination and the brave decisions of select individuals the planet became a beacon for other deserted gene-tweeks who found they had no true home of their own. The current name of the planet comes from the term Provolve, a portmanteau of promoted evolutions, a more complimentary term for gene-tweeks.

Many of these provolves were designed to withstand harsh environments, and so managed to flourish surprisingly well in the brutal semi-terraformed climate of Provos. In the early 3000s the surviving companies that had abandoned the colony made fierce attempts to regain authority over it, but the growing population and their newfound sense of identity and culture meant that popular opinion could hold considerable weight. Most claims of ownership were overthrown by democratic votes or public outcries. And those that did succeed in restabilising a foothold in the system did so only through extensive cooperation with the Provos government.

By 4500 the mixed and varied surface population of the planet has surpassed 200 million, and serves as an icon for multiethnic diversity and tolerance. The boom in population and the huge number of drastically different ethnic groups have led to some gang-related conflicts among the planet’s many municipalities. But the planet’s population is predominantly peaceful and neutral in warfare, holding only the military forces needed to protect their own star.