Psionics is a term which can refer both to so called 'psionic abilities' as well to the wielders of these unique talents. Their appearance seems to coincide with the advent of the Enlightenment for most species, but a handful possessed such abilities long beforehand. Scientific data points towards the Enlightenment triggering a latent genetic marker that creates an increase in the size of the right hemisphere of the brain of the psionic subject in humans, and this has been shown to be the opposite in other species, or completely different in others. However the primary point is that the Enlightenment 'waves' seem to stimulate the creative part of the brain and seem to enable higher brain functions.

Enlightenment seems to be able to stimulate Forced Evolution in a select few subjects. It is worth noting that some races are wholly psionic, like the Zaltiel, whereas others are rarely, if ever psionic, like the Mandonians. The reason behind this is unkown at the moment, however many have suggested it is because the Zaltiel nervous system and brain has a higher creative side than the Mandonian brain.

Because Psionics is governed by the creative side, during bouts of particular emotion such as rage and happiness, accidental releases of psionic powers happen to an undisciplined mind. Because many Psionics are 'wild' or 'feral' since they cannot control their evolutionary abilities, it is postulated that the evolutionary advancement is ahead of our times, the parts of our brain that coordinates our actions, thoughts and motor controls is incapable of containing the evolved minds of a Psionic. Frequently Psionics are found dead, their brains literally shutting down from the stress or having been killed by law enforcement or other government agencies, who have a keen interest on 'harvesting' Psionic potential that can be beneficial, and killing the ones who will no cooperate or are too unstable.

Known Psionic Abilities

Psionic abilities are the ways in which a psionic's power manifest's itself. It is not known whether all abilities can be mastered by one individual as only a handful of people have mastered even half of the known abilities. Most psionics, can only utilise one or two abilities at most, and even then the strength of such abilities appears to be highly variable. Current research suggests that telekinesis is the most commonly displayed ability.


The ability to be in two places at the same time.

Energy Manipulation

The ability to manipulate and direct energy in various forms such as heat, cold, electrical energy, radiation, magnetics, etc. Specific forms include powers like pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, and electrokinesis.

Field Manipulation

The ability to manipulate energy fields in ways such as shields, invisibility, etc.

Mind Control

The ability to temporarily control the actions of other organisms, both simple and sentient. This ability can, with enough talent and power, be manipulated into a weaker form of 'invisibility' by forcing the subject to believe that the user is not there.

Phase Shifting

The ability to pass through solid objects (or vice versa), occasionally coupled with disappearance of physical form.


The ability to see events in the future. A rare ability in general, but the ability to see beyond mere weeks into the future with any degree of accuracy is extremely unusual.


The ability to heal wounds or repair biological damage with unnatural speed, typically limited only to oneself. An extremely rare power, with varying degrees of strength.


The ability to manipulate technology through thought alone.


The ability to move objects with ones mind. A common power, but the weights which a psionic is capable of moving with this power are variable.


The ability to read the thoughts of others, and communicate through thought alone.