Purgatory Centre for Advancement in Science

The Purgatory Centre for Advancement in Science (PCAS) is a somewhat infamous deep space research centre located in the Purgatory Cluster. The station itself is a top of the line space station designed specifically for housing scientific research in a number of fields. The expansive station houses seperate modules for research into quantum and astro physics, several fields of engineering, organic and inorganic chemistry, and many disciplines of the biomedical and life sciences. There are few other facilities in the known galaxy capable of equaling the quality of its research environment or potential for research output. However, it has been noted many times that it is particularly unusual that such a facility should arise in the turbulent environment of the Purgatory Cluster. Indeed, the PCAS facility is believed by many to have been stolen from a one of the galaxy's major civilisations by the scientists hired to run it. Given the embarrassing nature of such a loss, it remains unclear to this day who the facility was stolen from. Moreover, now that the station resides in the Purgatory Cluster, there is little hope of it ever being recovered.

Naturally, the nature of this unique facility has raised many questions. First and formost of these is why the scientists involved in its theft would choose to do such a thing. While this may never truly come to light, the rumours of experiments taking place at the PCAS facility give a pretty clear indication. What little is known of the research projects taking place at the PCAS facility suggest that much of the research done their is well outside the ethical restrictions of most, if not all, major civilisations. This would suggest that the station was stolen to provide a centre for scientists who felt constricted by the ethical confines of the current galactic scientific community. Understandably, PCAS is heavily criticised within the scientific community, and the galaxy at large, for this gross breach of conduct.

Little is known in terms of the specific research conducted at the PCAS facility. However, what little information is available suggest that some of the major projects include some highly illegal and dangerously unrestricted research into Artificial Intelligence, singularities, and chemical and biological weapons. Many accounts from slavers in the Purgatory Cluster have spoken of the highly specific lists given to slaver clans in the Cluster. These lists often requested large numbers of the many different sentient and non-sentient species found within the Cluster. PCAS allegedly pays extremely well for the acquisition and delivery of the items on these lists.