Purgatory Cluster

The Purgatory Cluster, or simply Purgatory, could almost be considered a Sphere, albeit a tiny one, were it not for its complete lack of any form of governance or order. Located in the empty space between the Terran and Tysian spheres, Purgatory is the definitive haven for all those who seek a life free from the confines of galactic government, morality, or legality in general. The cluster is connected to the very outermost part of the Terran Sphere by a wormhole, meaning that species from all over the galaxy arrive via the Rome system's extensive wormhole nexus and make the short journey to the Purgatory wormhole.

The star cluster itself was orginally colonised by the Terran sphere in the 3700s, but the region is remarkably poor in terms of natural resources and much interest in further colonisation by the larger powers was lost. Over time, the region became home to hundreds of independent colonies states, pirate and slaver clans, and several criminal organisations. In many respects the region is analogous to the colonisation frontiers of the major spheres. However, unlike the frontiers, Purgatory is home to an extremely diverse population of species. Additionally, Purgatory also differs in it's level of development. Although many worlds in the cluster remain at the underdeveloped stage analogous to frontier colonies, several other worlds have developed far beyond what one would ever find on a colonisation frontier. Of course, the most notable difference is that colonisation frontiers are eventually absorbed deeper into their Sphere as the Sphere expands, while Purgatory remains independent.

The effective military strength that lies within the Purgatory Cluster, if the many entities within it united, is completely unknown. Given the infighting and conflicted nature of the region many speculate that it is unlikely that a significant military force could be maintained. Others suggest that the sheer number of organisations in the region could overcome this. Regardless, despite the region housing the bases of operation for numerous galaxy-wide criminal organisations, no faction has ever risked attempting to invade the cluster for fear of uniting the forces within it.

Polities of the Cluster

Although there are no real polities within the Purgatory Cluster beyond independent colony states, there are some notably powerful entities based there, many of which operate outside of the cluster in the galaxy at large. Combined, these entities account for much of the power in the cluster, ultimately forcing almost everyone in the region to deal with them in some way.

The Purgatory Cluster features many such factions, including:

Locations of interest

Much of the groundwork for construction efforts in the cluster was done by the original human settlers. However, as Purgatory developed into the region it is today, it was shaped by the various species that began to flood in. As a result, colonies range from being entirely human, entirely alien, or anywhere inbetween. Most criminal strongholds are extremely diverse in population unless the organisation recruits only certain species.

This section needs:

  • Major pirate stronghold - Breach
  • HQs of major criminal syndicates
  • One or two advanced independent colonies on par with outer core/inner hinterland worlds of the Terran Sphere: Dynar
  • Some sort of 'neutral ground' (relatively) where every faction can be found. Sacrosanct
  • Location of Synthetic Enclave?
  • Major scientific facility. Maybe involvement from The Collective or Black Chevron? Purgatory Centre for Advancement in Science
  • The actual Wormhole that acts as the only entrance to the region. Purgatory Wormhole
  • Possibly ancient alien ruins? This may jar with the setting but the idea of alien ruins containing potentially crucial technological advances being stuck where no major faction can reach them is interesting to me. Dusk IV