Purgatory Wormhole

The Purgatory Wormhole is the gateway between the Purgatory Cluster and the Terran Sphere. The Wormhole connects the Venti system of Purgatory to relatively unihabited region of space of somewhat close to the Rome system. This relatively unmonitored 'back door' to the Terran Sphere has been a constant and continuously exploited hole in the security of the region as it provides easy access and escape for all sorts of criminals and refugees. Several factions within the Terran Sphere maintain automated defences and monitoring stations around the wormhole, but these are regularly sabotaged or destroyed, making it an imperfect defence.

Interestingly, the Purgatory end of the wormhole also maintains automated defenses. It remains unclear where the funding for these come from. It seems likely that Dynar is responsible for their construction and upkeep, but many have suggested that they are paid for by several organisations and colonies within the cluster as a way of safeguarding the region's independence. The defences on the Purgatory side of the wormhole, while less sophisticated, remain largely free from the issues of sabotage that plague the Terran Sphere's side.