Queen Complexes

The Jorros Queen Complexes are the heart of the swarm, depending on their age, location and intentions they can vary between the size of a very large animal and the size of a small city, in all cases, they are a living mass of cybernetics consisting of brains, communication organs and machinery, factory-wombs, resource processing tracts and their assorted support organs. The function of the Queen Complexes is twofold, they serve both as the coordinating minds of the swarm, directing the mindless drones either by direct command or through messenger drones, as well producing these very forms at a staggering rate.

The main drawback of the Complexes is that, for some reason, the Jorros will only grow them from eggs implanted into sentient hosts. Although this does add to the fear of a Jorros incursion, it is mainly a limiting factor on how effectively the Swarm can grow. It is unknown how long the host remains conscious and how much of an effect the species of host has on the resulting Queen, but Jorros forms similar to known species have been sighted after a member of said species was infested.

Queens, and their associated swarms, have been reported to both work together in large numbers as well as fighting amongst each other. Diplomatic relations, if they can be called that, between queens are fickle and swarms may turn on each other in the middle of an attack on non-Jorros. What causes these sudden betrayals is unknown.

Unless carried aboard a Jorros Starflyer, Queen Complexes are immobile, often rooted deep into the ground. Generally, a significant part of a swarm is occupied with finding resources such as biomass, metals and fuels and bringing them to the Queen Complex. These are then used to power and feed the complex and those drones still considered valuable, along with the production of more drones.