Restricted Zone

The Restricted Zone is a region of space centred around Arashi, the home system of the Shrike Collective. The region was originally created during the Knesp Empire's technological uplift of the Shrike as place to begin turning the Shrike into a personal army. As such, the zone was, and still is to some degree, heavily industrialised and fortified. However, following the Shrike's eventual rebellion against the Knesp the area changed drastically.

Originally, the Zone was named the Gatoon region, after the famous Knesp General who proposed the idea of training the Shrike as an army. The region was quite sparsely populated, with only one inhabited planet, the Shrike Homeworld, Maelstrom. The area was quickly developed with all manner of orbital fortresses and planetary infrastructure. Planets in the region were chosen to be "training" worlds, of which the conditions were worse or equal to the Shrike's homeworld. The purpose of this was to toughen the Shrike beyond their already terrifying potential.

Even now, the region remains heavily fortified, albeit less well maintained. It is the only section of space that the Shrike actually devote ships to patrolling. Typically these patrol ships consist of stolen Knesp vessels in varying states of disrepair. As such, the region is off limits to any non-military personnel, and even then, there had never been a successful military campaign into the Restricted Zone.

That was until the Great Enlightenment Crusade smashed into the region in the 5400's. The Imperial forces swept away the Knesp border guards and made several attacks on the Shrike Collective. After several hard fought victories against the Shrike the Imperial forces withdrew rather than waste resources conquering what they viewed as a backwater region. When the Imperial forces withdrew the Shrike were temporarily left unconstrained leading to a drastic increase in Shrike raids throughout the Tempest Sphere. Serendipitously, this action of unshackling the Shrike later proved invaluble in countering the encroaching Jorros Swarm.