Rift Council

The Rift Council is the name for the supreme legislative body that ruled the Ark Consortium consisting of all the Anesad Clans. The Rift Council pre-dates the Ark Collection, as before the Union was created the Clans on Chorka, the Anesad home world, would usually meet upon the Rift Planes, a large area of dust and wasteland. The Rift Plane would be a place for the leads of the great clans to deliberate, barter and in some cases spill blood to settle disputes if not on the battlefield. The Rift Plane for many years was the largest place of political discussion between the Anesad even if it was mostly dominated by arguments over territory disputes.

In recent times, the Rift Council evolved to become a sort of Parliament where each colony of the Consortium has a representative who represents their most fierce Warlord. Due to the nature of the 'elections' which are mostly based upon merit and ferocity of the candidates, very little political work is done in Rift Council hearings without several councillors killing each other over blood feuds, colony rivalries or because of a Councillor bringing dishonour on another's lineage.

The Rift Council also has a role in electing the Leader of the Ark Consortium, the Chief Councillor, who acts as the Executive branch of the Ark Consortium political spectrum. Anesad Clans rarely vote into power an exceptionally powerful leader from the dominant Clan, as would be expected with the Anesad Tribal and 'Might is right' mentality. The Chief Councillor of the Ark Consortium usually hails from one of the weaker/smaller Clans, so no one Clan can dominate the Anesad Society and achieve absolute rule.

As of 5500 CE, the Chief Councillor is Magnus Capella hailing from House Gutnork.