Rigel Industrial Alliance


The Rigel Industrial Alliance (RIA) is a conglomerate headquartered in the city of Outremer on the planet Rigel Prime in the Rigel system. It is the largest corporation in the Star Kingdom of Rigel and it's products can be found throughout the Hinterlands. The sale of RIA products is strictly controlled Coreward of the Terran Sphere due to treaties between the Kingdom and Solar Union.


Name: Rigel Industrial Alliance
Industry: Electronics, metamaterials, spacecraft, spacecraft systems, technology, weapons
Regions of activity: Star Kingdom of Rigel, Hinterlands
Founded: 3803
Founders: Barons of Rigel
Employees: 25.5 million
Revenue: 607 billion canaths (4498)
Current CEO: Lord Baron Srivijaya Singh


As a subsidized megacorporation, the RIA has considerable influence on the market trends of the Star Kingdom at large. It is backed by the Royal Treasury and it's shareholders are without exception members (former or present) of the Baronial Court.

The two largest divisions of the RIA are the State Resources Arsenal and the Royal Shipyard Complex.


Falconer class destroyer
Arch Enemy class battleship