Rigel Prime


Rigel Prime is a moon in the Rigel system orbiting the gas giant Rhine. It is notable as the seat of power of the Star Kingdom of Rigel. It is ruled directly by the King and Queen of Rigel as their personal domain. It is also the location of the Baronial Court, where most major legislative decisions are made several times per year. Furthermore, Rigel Prime is the most populous single Rigellian world, notable for it's rapid economic growth.


Rigel Prime appears to be a lush world, ideally suited for Terran life following several centuries of terraforming. However, the nature of the local star has rendered it's native, diverse fauna and verdant flora unsuitable for most human consumption. Biodomes and the Rigellian Shield are necessary in order to feed the populace. Fortunately, the fresh water is largely uncontaminated and is safe for humans to consume from surveyed sources.

Recent generations of Rigellians have undergone extensive gene therapy and are able to ingest native foodstuffs. Few animals and plants on the planet are outright deadly, but eating them may cause diarrhea or vomiting or both. In the worst cases, bacterium or other parasites may cause acute infections but rarely death.

The planet has a semi-molten mantle and a molten nickel core with a very strong magnetic field. Ion 'storms' are frequent due to the interaction of Rigel Prime's magnetic field with Rigel Alpha's intense ionizing radiation and Rhine's own magnetic field (which greatly overpowers Rigel Prime's). Scientists posit that Rhine is the primary reason for Rigel Prime's habitability and stability.

Although Rigel Alpha is a blue star, the Rigellian Shield makes it appear red for most inhabitants of Rigel Prime.


Originally cold and dry, the planet features an inhabitable atmosphere. The suitable atmospheric density of the planet prior to terraforming is what earned it candidacy as the primary inhabitable world of the Rigel system. Initial tests revealed that the composition of the atmosphere was an ideal starting point. Today, the planet's average mean temperature is 11 degrees Celsius (284 Kelvin).

Winters are long and harsh, lasting as long as 300 T-days due to the orbital behavior of Rhine, Rigel Prime's parent body. Rigel Prime is the only planet in the Rigel system which can support life without domes or shelters.


As a 'super terra' (an inhabitable terrestrial world more massive than Terra), Rigel Prime has very similar topography to Terra itself. The highest natural point is at the peak of Mount Royal, a lofty 16 kilometers above sea level. Today, much of Rigel Prime's landmass is carpeted in protected farmland and forest.

Two-thirds of the planet is covered in deuterium, or heavy, water with high salinity. Brief exposure times are considered perfectly safe and numerous beach resorts can be found for tourists and native vacationers. Sailors and swimmers are encouraged to wear masks to prevent them swallowing significant quantities.

For scale, the large Inner Sea is half as wide as the diameter of Terra itself, approximately 6,000 kilometers across.


Much of the population of Rigel Prime is of the yeoman caste with both nobility and serfdom minorities. The planet harbors the highest concentration of nobles in the Star Kingdom at any given time due to it's importance as the seat of governance and economic center of the Kingdom.


Two space elevators and a mass driver system service the commercial and industrial needs of the planet. Numerous large structures can be found in orbit, including the Rigellian Shield and the Royal Shipyard Complex. In addition, the primary hub for the important quantum 8-bit relay network is here.

A very high speed magnetic levitation rail system connects key points across the moon. It's large surface area requires an efficient network to allow unfettered access to all corners of the land masses. The speed restrictions on the lines are the highest in the Terran Sphere at 800 kilometers-per-hour.

Due to the centralization of infrastructure and size of the planet the people have congregated in a few key areas. The two most populous cities are Carthagonova and Outremer. The Outremer Space Elevator is a key feature of the latter and the existence of it's namesake city was entirely due to the surface-to-orbit megastructure itself. A second space elevator exists on the opposite face of the planet. The small city of Port Royal has appeared at it's base and has become the second largest spaceport by volume.



System name: Rigel
Location: Terran Sphere, Hinterlands; Rigel Sector
Allegiance: Star Kingdom of Rigel


Orbital Position: Rhine IV
Distance from parent: 720,000 km
Orbital Period: 24 days
Rotation Period: 32 hours
Classification: Ferrinian CiGaian
Radius: 18,200 km
Density: 3.84 g/cm3
Mass: 6.994×1024 kg
Gravity: 2 g
Atmosphere: 98.229 kPa (62% nitrogen, 34% oxygen, 4% other)
Average Climate: Arid, Cold
Primary Terrain: Tundra
Sattelites: None


Population: 5 billion
Major Cities: Carthagonova, Mainz, Palmyra, Port Royal, Outremer
Major Imports: Wealth
Major Exports: Technology, spacecraft
Primary Government: Elective Monarchy


  • 3260: The Long Distance Surveyor enters the system; designates Rigel Prime as tolerable.
  • 3380: The first colonists arrive in-system and introduce orbital infrastructure to Rigel Prime.
  • 3381: The first colony modules set down on the surface of Rigel Prime.
  • 3382: The first 20 T-year manned exploration expedition of Rigel Prime begins.
  • 3385: The first atmospheric processor is completed and begins operation.
  • 3390: Construction of the Rigellian Shield begins in orbit. Population: 250,000 colonists.