Robots, also know as 'androids', 'droids', 'synthetics' (Which may also refer to biological constructs), or simply 'machines', are inorganic constructs with varying levels of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They are an extremely pervasive entity in the modern galaxy, with only a handful of groups choosing not to make use of the technology.

Robots can be found performing a wide variety of jobs and tasks, and may even lead a fully self aware lifestyle if their AI is advanced enough and local regulations permit it.

The Role of Robots in the Galaxy

In Manufacturing: Most robots are used, and have been for centuries, to fill manual labour roles that organics are much less efficient at. These robots typically posses extremely low levels of Artificial Intelligence and a very specialised chassis. In fact, these types of robots are often involved in the construction of more complex robots. Robots in may situations can survive industrial conditions and accidents far more than most organic races can, especially in the case of radiation. For many developed economies, robotics in manufacturing is a vital part of industry, leading to some tensions as organic workers resent the robotic labourers that can usually outperform them at a lower cost to the manufacturer.

In the Military: For some races, the role of robots in combat began very early on. Humans, for example, made use of robots in warfare as early as around 2000CE. Although combat robots have advanced from the simplistic drones of 21st century Earth, there is still a wide variety of complexity amongst combat capable synthetics. While some robots are constructed to be fully sentient and versatile artificial soldiers, there are many robots that are simply programmed to fire at anything not marked as a 'friendly'. The Knesp make great use of War drones, evident in their use of drones as fighter/bomber craft in place of single piloted ships. This has lead to so called 'Drone Carriers' being used to carry thousands of these small, deadly precision weapons.

In Medicine: Although very few synthetics could match the intelligence of an actual doctor, there are several robots utilized in the medical profession. These droids may perform anything from simple tasks like sanitation or taking blood samples, to performing complex medical procedures like organ transplants. There is growing unrest in the medical professions of some nations about the presence of robots challenging the need for surgeons.