Roman Trade Coalition

The RTC is a one-system protectorate of the Solar Union in the Leonis constellation. It is notable for it's large wealth gained from the trade through its five wormholes, as well as it's function as a gateway to the other spheres and host of the Cornucopia Coalition headquarters.



1 Star System (Rome)

  • 7 Planets
  • 41 Moons
  • 314 Space stations


Protectorate of the Solar Union
Capital: Senate Orbital, Rome III / Capitoline, Rome system
Type: Plutocracy
Chief Governing Body: The Merchant Senate
Head of State: Prime Senator
Notable Government Agencies:

  • Rome Infrastructure Authority

Civilian Information

Population: 12 billion

Species: Human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Homo Sapiens Europanus, Homo Sapiens Cosmoi), several alien minorities

Religion: Free

Lifespan: Around 250 years

Languages: Solar Anglic


Type: Free Market
Currency: Solar Credit
General Imports: Wealth (Wormhole tolls), technology, colonists
General Exports: Technology, colonists, high-tech goods


The RTC is focussed almost entirely on trade due to it's unique position centered around the Rome wormhole nexus. As a result, it is a notably wealthy nation, especially for it's small size. The RTC is also notable for colonising the space beyond the wormholes without claiming that space as territory.