Rotin Corporation

Rotin Corporation is a large galactic wide (although most of it's business comes from the Terran Sphere) which specialises in personal firearms and has extensive investments in Bio-technology, such as genetic modification and cybernetics. It is commonly called "Rotin" by many.

Founded in the Confederation of Outlying Systems, the Corporation has made numerable successes, including the Harrower side-arm, arguably the most used and produced pistol class firearm, used by many factions, military and civilians alike. It is based in the New Savo System. Rotin Corporation is famous for developing biotechnological advances such as Flashing cloning, Iron Wombs and Neural Implantations. Due to this, Rotin Corporation has had to rent and buy dozens of sites where they can conduct certain unethical tests.

The History of Rotin stems from a pharmaceutical company on Terra, where they distributed and produced various antibiotics and medicines in bulk, so as to be able to sell them at incredibly low prices. It is ironic, that with all the deaths at the hands of Rotin's experimental divisions, it's lineage should date back to an organisation that saved potentially millions of humans in the past. As Rotin expanded, it was able to dabble in cloning technology and genetic engineering. Finding scientists and researchers to cut corners for the betterment of humanity was easy. Thanks to dedication, Rotin made several leaps in these areas of research.

Rotin Corporation Gene therapy managed to contribute towards the elimination of the AIDS virus that had plagued humanity during the 21st century, especially around Sub-Saharan Africa. Soon Gene therapy restrictions were lifted in an effort and all sorts of Gene modification was practised upon human subjects, many one of them the borderline of ethical.