Ruler Class

After the Solar Union stopped expanding, it found itself with a military geared primarily towards coaxing other nations into joining the Union, with the policing of existing colonies being a secondary purpose primarily handled by the social engineering and propaganda arms of the government. What the Union needed now, however, was a navy able to patrol and defend the vast swathe of space the nation now called its own. The result of this was the Monitor, the latest major class of which is the Ruler.


Name/Designation: Ruler Class
Class: Monitor
Manufacturer: Delta Pavonis Union Yards
First Produced: 4153
Retired/Decommissioned: N/a
Crew: 15.000

  • 14 Ambasador class rapid-response craft
  • 8 forwad-facing Hobbes photon cannon banks
  • 64 side-mounted Petrov laser beam cannon turrets
  • Several hundred point-defense turrets
  • Several hundred point defense drones
  • One or more classified weapons

Plating: Forcefield-reinforced necronium layers inlaid with superfluid thermal conductors and semi-organic hull repair nanobots, mirrored with a layer of cerachrome

  • 3268 m long
  • 567 m in diameter

FTL capability: 25 ly action radius


The Delta Pavonis Union Yards (DPUY) are one of the oldest government-ran corporations specialising in military-grade starship production, and their base in the heavily industrialised and resource-rich Delta Pavonis system made them a natural choice for the production of these gargantuan vessels.

Role in the Fleet

The role of the Ruler is to coordinate the defenses of strategically important systems near the Solar Union border, almost always serving as the flagship of these border fleets. The purpose of the Ruler is stradles that of a Monitor and a Supercarier in that it is designed to hold and defend a specific position indefinitly while its attached Ambasadors deplete or drive away the attacking forces. As such it is sometimes referred to as a super- or megacarrier.