Sazin VI Vonsachin

The last Emperor of the Etresi Imperium, Sazin Vonsachin was elected by the council lords after the death of Dachin IV Amati, however he was declared Emperor before the entirety of the Council Lords could arrive many of whom were supporters of his rival claimant Kasairas Etresi. After his election he quickly moved to suppress his opponents in a move that ultimately culminated in the "Revolt of the Exarchs". Ultimately victorious over Kasairas, Sazin ruled the Imperium for decades in person before ultimately attempting to transfer his consciousness from flesh to machine. Succeeding he continued to rule the Empire for nearly three centuries before dissolving the Etresi Imperium on it's two thousandth anniversary and proclaiming a new order with himself and his fellow immortals its guardians.