Seven Wonders Of The Terran Sphere

The Seven Wonders of the Terran Sphere, a reference to an old Earth based list of man made wonders, is a small list comprising the seven greatest architectural, aesthetic, and generally spectacular man made structures within the Terran Sphere. The list includes projects from several polities within human controlled space, spanning across almost the entirety of the Sphere. To be included on this presigious list is viewed as one of the highest honours in the Sphere, and is a badge many nations wear with great pride. Understandably, the structures are also extremely popular tourist attractions.

The Wonders

3. The Great Floating Cities of Varuna (Taurus Sector): Specifically, this wonder often refers to Varuna's capital, Neptune City, the largest of these structures. Regardless, these massive artificial human habitats are considered a true masterpiece in habitational engineering as well as a beautiful work of art. What is truly considered wonderous about these cities is that, through the use of advanced anti-gravity technology, the cities literally float several meters above the surface of the oceans. Meanwile, advanced shielding and clever engineering allow the cities to fully submerge beneath the waves. All of this makes the super storms of an oceanic world an almost non existant threat.
Constructed gradually over several centuries as the oceanic colony grew, both the Taurus Corporation and the inhabitants of Varuna are immensely proud of these cities, Neptune in particular.