Shade Class Corvette

The Shade Class is a corvette model that sees widespread use through out the Taurus Corporation military. It came to be used by the Taurus Corporation around 4383, and has remained the Corporate Military's primary asset for fast attack and light escort. Although the Taurus Corporation military model is the most commonly manufactured, several more specialised varients exist and are popular amongst professional mercenary groups.


Name/Designation: Shade Class
Class: Corvette
Manufacturer: Farstar Dynamics
First Produced: 4375
Retired/Decommissioned: N/A
Crew: 32

  • 174 metres long
  • 62 metres tall


The Shade Class Corvette is manufactured by Farstar Dynamics, a company which specialises in the construction of Faster Than Light Drives. The Shade is one of only two complete ships that Farstar manufactures.

Role in the Fleet

The Shade is lightly armoured but fast escort vehicle. These small vessels are typically found dispersed among large fleets. As they possess both effective anti-fighter/bomber weaponry as well as advanced point defence systems, these corvettes are primarily used to guard the larger ships from the smaller opposing vessels.

As well as their more active combat role, Shades are usually deployed as escorts for low priority packages and individuals. In addition to this, they are one of the ships the Taurus Corporation uses to scout new FTL routes and up date their starmaps.