Shiruba Ya Class

The Shiruba Ya (roughly translated to 'Silver Arrow' in Anglic) class exemplifies Zaltiel engineering. It is a fast, lightly armoured vessel with an impressive degree of maneuverability, and a high level of jump accuracy. Shiruba Yas are a large part of the Brotherhood of Zaltiel's navy as they are frequently deployed in small groups (usually 5-10 vessels) to track and chase Shrike raiding parties. Thanks to the speed and jump accuracy of this class, the Brotherhood have been among the most successful in defending their colonies from the ever present threat of the Shrike.

Squads of Shiruba Yas on patrol have only a loose set of orders and can often be found assisting various factions against the many threats of the Tempest Sphere; be that protecting Knesp Empire trading vessels from pirate attacks or repelling Shrike raids from the Vachik Enclaves. This has gone a long way to further the view of the brotherhood as a philanthropic nation.


Name/Designation: Shiruba Ya Class
Class: Corvette
Role in the Fleet: Escort/Patrol
Manufacturer: tba
First Produced: tba
Retired/Decommissioned: tba
Crew: tba
Weapons: tba
Plating: tba

  • 112 meters long
  • 46 meters wide (at widest point)
  • 38 meters tall