Shrike Lords

Shrike Lords are the highest ranking members of the Shrike. Given the nature of the Shrike's hierarchy, Shrike Lords are often behemoths even amongst their own kind. The more successful of these Lords not only possess greater physical strength but a superior intelligence compared to other Shrike. This isn't always the case, but these Shrike Lords tend to lose their grip on power rather quickly.

There are currently 30 Shrike Lords, one for every planet under the control of the Shrike Collective. However, even the Shrike Lords are subject to a Hierarchy and the Shrike Lords controlling the more industrious Planets are at the top. The current Lord of Maelstrom is Shrike Lord Krath, a truly terrifying example of a Shrike, and represents the very top of the Shrike's hierarchy. Even so, the Collective is highly unco-ordinated, and it's quite common for the Shrike Lords to fight amongst themselves.