Shrike Raid

The Shrike Collective are a civilisation in only the loosest sense of the term and the same can be said of their 'military', Shrike raiding parties. These small bands of warships jump rapidly around the galaxy, striking at exposed locations, like fledgling colonies or poorly defended trading posts. Once they've arrived the raiding party will proceed slaughter every non-Shrike in the area and pillage the place of valuables, before departing once again, very occasionally converting the raid site into a crude stronghold. However the latter is relatively uncommon as most raid sites will be quickly reinforced by the faction under attack.

In comparison to contemporary militaries, raiding parties aren't particularly strong, and would pose little threat to an organised response. However, this situation is rarely the case and many military veterans have likened chasing the Shrike to chasing ghosts. Although it remains unclear how exactly the Shrike are able to discover and strike so many vulnerable locations with such frightening regularity.

In fact, Shrike Raids are a common fear amongst citizens living on frontier colonies in the Tempest Sphere and are the subject of many horror stories and folklore. Much of this is hyperbole, like the Shrike wiping out whole planets in minutes, but some aspects of these stories, like the Shrike impaling their victims around raid sites, is reportedly (and regretably) true.