Sigma Commonality

The Sigma Commonality is a defunct nation. It formally capitulated in 3601 following a long and brutal war with the Solar Union known as the War of Sigman Independence. However, the Sigma Remnant continues to seek avenues by which to reclaim it's former sovereignty at almost any cost.



12 systems

  • 15 Planets
  • 101 Moons
  • 380 Space stations


Capital: Sigma City, Sigma Optimus, Sigma system
Type: Kritarchic Republic
Chief Governing Body: Judges of Sigma
Head of State: Honorable Judge Sinco Heisenberg
Notable Government Agencies:

  • State Tax Committee (STC)
  • State Protection Council (SPC)
  • Combined Arms Command (CAC)
  • State Intelligence Agency (SIA)

Civilian Information

Population: 250 million
Species: Human (engineered)
Religion: None
Lifespan: 300+ T-years
Languages: Anglic (official)


Type: Planned
Currency: Sigman Credit (SC)
General Imports: Food, medicines, technology
General Exports: Raw materials, spacecraft, weapons


Traditional communications methods (data drones, lasers, and radio waves).


Life in the Commonality