Slavery, sometimes portrayed by friendlier tags like 'indentured servitude', is the process where by sentient organics are bought and sold as commodities, and forced to work for an owner, or 'master'. The practice is notably widespread throughout the frontiers of many different civilisations and species. Similarly, many individuals may fall into the ownership of someone of an entirely different species to themselves.

Slavery is generally viewed as abhorrent by citizens of a sphere's inner systems and is more often than not an illegal practice carrying heavy penalties in such regions. Given the low requirements for manual labour, alongside a heavy robotic presence, it is not surprising that few citizens of the inner sphere approve of slavery. However, denizens of the frontier often accept slavery as a fact of life, with many espousing its benefits.

Aside from the typical definition of slavery, many groups now suggest that the way robots are treated in modern society could very easily also be conidered a form of slavery. This has become a subject of heated debate amongst academics and the general public alike, and has already begun to attract government attention in many nations. These movements against robotic 'slavery' are often backed by small collections of fully sentient AIs. The nation of Primary is an interesting example of the so called 'Artificial Question', do Artificial intelligences have the same kinds of rights as an organic sentient? Many would argue that because they were created instead of naturally gaining sentience AI's do not have the same rights. Others would be quick to point out the naturalistic fallacy, stating because something is not natural, this does not devalue it compared to a 'natural' subject.

Present day Slavery

While many polities have banned slavery in most forms (To this date, very few star-nations recognize synthetic sentients as equals to organic sentient life) multiple nations in several spheres or regions still practice Slavery:

  • Ark Consortium - Since the old wars of Chorka, the Anesad race have being enslaving members of their own race to labour for them, fight for them and wait on them. Slavery is seen as an essential part of the Anesad culture and many races have been enslaved by the Anesad particularly the Savo, their entire species being considered a slave race.
  • Black Shroud - The Black Shroud are well known amongst the denizens of the Purgatory Cluster as some of the most prolific slavers in the galaxy. Raids on small colony worlds or even civilian space craft yield the human cargo that the Black Shroud go on to sell all across the galaxy.