The Sol Project

I think it might be a good idea to organise our little wiki project a bit. So, why don't we start with a more focused project, the Sol system. We don't need to detail everywhere extensively, although it's certainly encouraged, but having some decent pages for all aspects of our home system would be nice.

What we should focus on:

Planets/Dwarf Planets

New pages

Existing pages which could possibly be improved

Try to stick to the templates for at least the basic planetary info.


New pages

  • Titan
  • Europa
  • I'm not really sure which others would be inhabited, I'll leave that to you guys.

Existing pages which could possibly be improved

Other features of the Solar System

  • The asteroid belt
  • …Uh, other stuff that I'm sure the more astronomically minded of you will think of.

Major Cities

  • This might be too much detail to go into, but it's a suggestion.


  • Solar Union
  • Smaller factions
    • Small belt states?
  • Criminal synicates
    • 2-3 major criminal syndicates
  • Corporations
    • 2 major arms producers
    • 2 major transport firms (1 completed Solaris Shuttles)
    • 2 major shipping firms
    • 2 major pharmaceutical companies
  • Political parties
    • 3 Major parties

Unique to the Sol system

  • Technologies
  • Cultural stuff
  • Languages
  • etc


  • The History of Sol in general
  • The histories of the each world in specefic.
  • The Jovian war and the events around it, as they are very influential in the histories of the first interstellar colonies.

Progress made so far:

  • Skeleton pages for most all worlds.
  • Basic Jovian War timeline