Solidarity is the nerve centre of the Web inside the Purgatory Cluster, and is speculated to the primary headquarters of the criminal syndicate. It is an expansive space station, orbiting the star [tba], and is the only notable object in the star system. The location of Solidarity isn't well known to those outside of the Web's tightly knit community, but never the less, the station sees a surprisingly high volume of traffic. The handful of people outside the Web who know of its existance speculate one of Solidarity's roles is to function as a sort of training and integration centre for new initiates. While this is partly correct, the station fulfills a number of additional roles beyond the training of local recruits.

The station also acts as a central meeting ground for the regional crimebosses of the Web in times of particular importance. In general, higher ups in the Web typically communicate via FTL comm systems or through third parties. However certain situations necessitate the personal appearances of these elusive individuals in one place. Given the potential risk this poses to the Web as a whole, Solidarity acts a safe meeting ground for the higher ups without the risk of rival or government intervention.

Beyond this, the station fills many smaller, more specialised roles like experimental weapons development, advanced training and cybernetic enhancements for the organisations more promising footsoldiers, and the housing of a handful of Clarketech artefacts that have fallen into the Web's possession.

In light of its many crucial roles within the Web, the station itself is quite remarkable. One of the most immediately noticable things about it is how low its outer surface temperature appears, coupled with several sensor jamming suites, great expense has been devoted to masking the station's position. Relative to it's size, the station is also very techologically advanced and extremely heavily armed, while its hangers also house a small, but extremely well equipped defensive fleet. It is even speculated that the entire station is capable of making an FTL jump should it come under threat.