The Soothsayer is an ancient clarketech relic of unknown age. Its design matches no known living species and the purpose of its construction remains unclear. The device was reportedly found in the 2470s in the heart of an ancient derelict slowboat of unknow origin adrift in the Terran Sphere. Despite the ship having suffered catastrophic damage, the Soothsayer was supposedly found lying, in prestine condition, within the remains of the ruined bridge deck. The device has since passed through many hands and has all but vanished from existance.

In appearance, the Soothsayer seems to be a rather innocuous holoprojector, but the nature of its holograms reveal the device to be so much more. Upon being touched by any sentient being, the device supposedly begins to display a hologram of spectactular quality. In this projection, the Soothsayer is said to show the person who touched it in a series of awe inspiring events in which they are ultimately granted all that they desire. In effect, the device is said to divine the future and show anyone their own unique path to glory. However, legends of the artefact warn that the Soothsayer's true nature is far more malevolent, claiming that the device's images corrupt the mind with promises of power, but lead only to destruction. Understandably, those who have heard such legends claim the Soothsayer to be a weapon, used to bring down not only one's enemy, but everyone around him.