Space Elevator

A space elevator (sometimes Orbital Elevator) is a permanent structure stretching from the surface of a planet or moon to slightly beyond geosynchronous orbit, where a counterweight holds it up. They allow for transport of massive amounts of cargo into geosynchronous orbit for a near trival amount of energy. Another advantage is that the cargo is not subjected to large acceleration forces, allowing these structures to be used for fragile cargo and passengers. Depending on the gravity of the world they are built on, they can require materials with tensile strengths beyond that of carbon nanotubes, and even on low gravity worlds they are rarely, if ever, shorter than ten thousand kilometers. As such, they are horrendously expensive and are generally only used on worlds with large material export.

Given their inherent logistical value, space elevators are often the target of enemy forces during times of war or may possibly be the target of extremists/terrorists during peacetime. As such these structures are often heavily defended, with strict security protocols for anything traveling on the elevator.