Spectre Class Stealth Corvette

The Spectre Class Stealth Corvette is an extremely specialised, stealth focused variant of the Shade Class Corvette, and was a product of almost 70 years of research and development. Used mainly by the Taurus Corporation, both models are manufactured by Farstar Dynamics, and are based off a similar basic template. However, the Spectre is, comparatively, much more specialised and expensive than its more general counterpart. It is engineered to be almost undetectable in space, making it a invaluable tool for reconnaissance.


Name/Designation: Spectre Class
Class: Stealth Corvette
Manufacturer: Farstar Dynamics
First Produced: 4443
Retired/Decommissioned: N/A
Crew: 32

  • 221 metres long
  • 57 metres tall


The Shade Class Corvette is manufactured by Farstar Dynamics, a company which specialises in the construction of Faster Than Light Drives. The Spectre is one of only two complete ships that Farstar manufactures. In fact, the Spectre represents the company's first step into stealth technologies.

Role in the Fleet

The Spectre is a very lightly armoured and armed vehicle, but had a practically unmatched point defence system for vessels of its size. While the Spectre does technically have the fire power and maneuverability to engage in dogfights, that is not really what it was designed for. Rather, the Spectre is one of only a handful of vessels that could be sent either ahead of the main fleet to scout, or deployed deep into enemy territory without detection. Naturally, their primary role is therefore one of reconnaissance. However, given their great expense, they are relatively low in number in the Taurus Corporation's Navy. In fact, they see greater use by the Galactic Surveillance Agency, who affords one of these pieces of advanced technology to each of their agents.