Stable Exotic Materials (SEMs)

Stable Exotic Materials, often known as SEMs, are materials with artificially induced exotic properties that are also capable of retaining those properties over a long time period. The vast majority of SEMs rely on post-Enlightenment effects of the atomic level such as gravitational locking. These properties often make the material excell at a highly limited range of uses, meaning that a very broad range of SEMs is required to run a high-tech society. As a rule of thumb, the higher tech the society, the more SEMs it needs, and the more types of SEM it uses.

SEMs typically require vast amounts of energy and infrastructure to produce, and the enormous amounts of them mean that even heavily industrialised systems are limited to producing only a few types of SEM. As a result, a large part of interstellar trade and core world exports consist of SEMs. This makes independant colonies highly dependant on trade, or limits them to a lower technology base.

Notable SEMs: