Starmaps, also known as star charts or cartographs, are three dimensional maps of a section of the galaxy showing all significant gravitic fields, forces and anomalies. They form an invaluable part of faster than light navigation and must be constantly updated to reflect the ever changing face of the galaxy. Attempting to travel above light speed without the use of a starchart is extremely dangerous, and is illegal in much of civilised space for anything but vessels currently making starmaps.

Starcharts and the infrastructure to keep them up to date are one of the base requirements for an interstellar civilisation, however, starcharts are often some of the most well-kept secrets a nation can have, with access to a high-quality and up-to-date starchart, one could conceivably plot a jump from interstellar space into orbit of a sector capital. As such, most traffic uses pre-plotted courses or jump gates.