Super-Heavy Stable Elements

First discovered (in the Terran Sphere) in 2035 in large particle accelerator experiements, elements with much larger atomic numbers than Uranium were detected, eventually captured, and found to be surprisingly stable. It was determined that some of them had half-lifes numbering in the millions of years.

Most were little more than novelties, some would prove quite useful in high-energy and high-density experiments. But it wasn't until the 22nd century, when they could be produced and stored in much greater quantities, that they began to see wide-spread uses and more extensive application. Arcadium in particular was found to have excellent radiation absorption properties and found a use in surprisingly thin reactor shielding. Others possessed phenomenal compressive strength and ushered in a revolution in architechtural designs.

They are all extremely dense, which does somewhat limit their uses. But even thousands of years after their initial discovery, SHSEs (or Transuraniums) still see extensive use in everything from building materials to starship armor. They have never been found in nature and are not expected to originate naturally.



A bar of refined Arcadium.