Super Secret Project By Jack

Timeline of Events

Colonization of the Sol System

Formation of the Treaty of Titan

Jovian Conflicts

First Jovian Conflict 2242-2245
Second Jovian Conflict 2250-2251
The Jovian War 2260-2265

Titan-Earth War 2283-2288

Raid on Iapetus
Fourth Jovian Conflict
The Long Rain
Uranus Defection
Belters War
Trojan Skirmishes
Massacre at Saturnine
Ceasefire Accords

The Unraveling

Jovian Revolt
Formation of the Free Mars Coalition
Uranian-Kuiperian War
The Singularity War*
Coup of 2289
Helios Revolt
Dissolution of the UEG
First Aerostat War
Declaration of the Terran-Lunar Alliance

Major Polities of the Sol System Post-Unraveling

Terran-Lunar Alliance
• (Earth, Luna, Earth Lagrange Points)
Block of Twelve
• (Earth, Luna)
Solar Union
• (Mercury, Vulcanoids)
Second Jovian Commonwealth
• (Jovian System, Trojans)
Kuiper Development Committee
• (Neptune, Pluto, Kuiper Belt)
Uranus Confederation
• (Uranian System)
Titan Hegemony
• (Saturn System, Outer Solsys)
Free Mars Coalition
• (Mars)
Martian Protectorate
• (Mars)
Venusian Protectorate
• (Venus)
Belt Association
• (Vesta, Asteroid Belt)
Ceres Commonwealth
• (Ceres, Asteroid Belt)
Oasis Federation
• (L5 Earth Lagrange Point)
Starfall Imperium
• (Venus)